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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Weekend denim shopping

as happens often when out shopping with the hubby, I ran across some fantastic denim this past weekend.  Mother's Day apparently means finding flattering fits!  I wanted to make sure to take note of what cuts and brands I liked the most mostly for myself so I can refer back to them at a later point if need be- or so he can find them back as well ;)

This weekend it was all about two brands.  So, to keep it simple, I'll start with one and then go to the other. 

I went back and visited an old friend so to speak.  I think my very first premium denim jeans were by 7 for all mankind around 10 years is the case for many others out there I'm sure.  Unfortunately, due to weight gain over the years, and just changing body type (hello motherhood!), I've had frustrating fit issues with them for some time, except for my trusty Dojos.  This weekend I finally had a breakthrough of sorts.  My goal was to find an orginal bootcut that fit- but for some reason NYD is not a winner anymore for me.  So, that was a strikeout.  HOWEVER, I did find a winner in the skinny bootcut in Malibu Sands.  Soft, stretchy, nice fit....  little bit of a kick on the hem, but closer to a straight leg than a boot cut, just the way I like my jeans to be honest.  Only thing that threw me was the lack of a squiggle, but the more I think about that, the less it bothers me. 
7 for all mankind Skinny Bootcut in Malibu Sands 

I also had the opportunity to try on the high waist orginal bootcut- in both rinse and I believe Los Angeles Dark.  Rinse was super stretchy and since it was so dark, super slimming.  LADK was not as comfortable, but wearable.  High Waist Bootcut in Rinse   High Waist Bootcut in Los Angeles Dark

As well as 7, I also tried AG jeans for the first time.  After all the jeans I have tried and wear, it seems surprising that I'm just now getting around to AG but I really can't recollect ever trying them before.  The washes I tried on were pretty basic, but I got a good sample of three cuts, which I appreciate.

The Stilt has the distinction of being the only premium pair of skinnies I tried on this Mother's Day.  Nice fit around the waist and hips, slight looseness at the knee (which never bothers me) and standard fit to an ankle length.  I suspect the ones I tried on were in the wash Isolate- linked above.  I've since looked online and fallen in love with some of AG's other washes- like the 14 year
and the 5 year 2 way

I also tried on two bootcut options- one is the most prevelant of AG's women's cuts- the Angel.  I have to say, it is a nice, standard bootcut.  good waist fit, nice through hips and thighs, long (long enough I have to hem them, of course), nice feel to the denim.  Huge variety of washes online.  The other was a narrow bootcut- similar actually to the skinny bootcut I tried on by 7.  Smaller kick at the bottom of the hem.  This is the Ballad.  The Ballad is also available in quite a variety of washes, most aimed to duplicate multiple years of wear on a typical pair of jeans. 

Overall I was pleasantly surprised by my experiences in the dressing room.  I like days like that!


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