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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Quick review- Marquee Gemmed Heels

I have a confession to make, thanks to the second half of my school's semester, I have a whole set of fitting room review photos sitting on my computer...somewhere.  I'm planning on finding them sometime this week and getting them on here.  I'm also planning on trekking back to my store and doing another round of trying pretties on.  This is my finals week so things  have finally slowed down- all final projects are out of my possession (a couple of them are even graded already I see from looking online) and two of my finals are already done as well.  I have breathing room, yay!

To get the fun kicked off (oh what a phrase for  my brain to pick now!) I have a review of the lovely Marquee Gemmed Heels by Miss L Fire, marked down just last week, and an online only offering at Anthro.  The lovely golden color is exclusive to Anthro, but Miss L Fire does offer brown, black, red, and blue in this shoe, which is called the Gabrielle.  I've found it at some other US online retailers some time ago but have lost all my links :(

Anyway, back to these golden lovelies.  I have my concerns about them, that is to be sure.  The gems do not seem all that secure which makes them seem rather delicate, and personally, I'm a bit rough on my shoes just in general, but damn, I think I'll live with missing gems if it comes to that.  I love how they look on my feet- they have a lovely shape and the bow is just perfectly...perky?  The gold is deeper than it appears in many of my photos, and deeper than it seems online.  Which is more versatile imo.  The gems are lovely topaz colored- and as a November birthday girl, that appeals to me A LOT.  The suede is thick and sturdy.  The footpad is nice and padded.  They do seem to run narrow as my foot was actually cupped well, which usually does not at all happen in pump styles, especially around the heel. (I have terribly narrow heels but I'm not as narrow in the toe area, so I can't order narrow shoes.  I can sometimes order down in size).  Speaking of size, they do seem to run a tiny bit small, but not too much- sort of standard to European sizing.  I'm a size nine- sometimes a 8.5 particularly in pumps.  These are a 40 and they are the tiniest bit snug across my left toe (my larger foot).  I think they'll stretch that tiniest bit as shoes usually do for that amount of snugness for me.  ( I have more problems if I go too big than too small, just from past experiences).

Parade of Photos:

Monday, December 5, 2011

OOTD 12/5/2011- finals week!

OOTD 12/5/2011

OOTD 12/5/2011 by denimdreaming featuring low rise jeans

First day of finals!  (which also means last day of final projects, last one is done and ready to be dropped into the faculty shared folder this morning, whee!).  Now I can start thinking about cleaning the house and decorating for my daughter can stop moping and pouting about it not being done yet ;) 

yet another Idylle tee- I could seriously live in this brands tees.  Organic cotton and such fun designs.  

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

In the spirit of all things Black Friday (because after all the eating and giving thanks are done, that's where a lot of our minds will be going, at least those that are reading shopping and lifestyle blogs like this, I know!), here are a few of my favorite links at the moment....

I'm not a huge fan of the Black Friday crowds....  I used to get up in the early hours and participate but somewhere along the line (hellllooo internet!) I found a better way to manage it.  Thank you sites like this that help me sort out deals....

Anthropologie has an additional 25% off sale items online and in stores until Sunday, with an additional 50% off during Black Friday hours 6am-11am local time. has a two day BF sale with 15% off the entire site with the code BFSALE15 at checkout

Modcloth also already has their BF deals posted- with quite a few items marked down just through the weekend. 

Eva Franco  is offering 40% off all of their online stock with the code BLACKFRIDAY (I'm a little unclear of the duration of when this promo is, title and details of the email just gave the encouraging details that I didn't have to get up early...yay?) 

For now that's the best of what I have- I may add more as I sift through my inbox.  My email was overloaded this morning!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Very late post by the late Steve Jobs that really speaks to me on creativity...  no real reason why, other than I'm feeling guilty about being on my blog instead of giving my prof my full attention this attention wandering Wednesday night....

"Creativity is just connecting things. When you ask creative people how they did something, they feel a little guilty because they didn’t really do it, they just saw something. It seemed obvious to them after a while. That’s because they were able to connect experiences they’ve had and synthesize new things. And the reason they were able to do that was that they’ve had more experiences or they have thought more about their experiences than other people. Unfortunately, that’s too rare a commodity. A lot of people in our industry haven’t had very diverse experiences. So they don’t have enough dots to connect, and they end up with very linear solutions without a broad perspective on the problem. The broader one’s understanding of the human experience, the better design we will have."

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Lust List - What's currently on my radar

I felt the need/desire/whathaveyou  to put my current eyecatchers on here at the moment.  This may become a semi-regular thing.  

This showed up on Anthropologie's site yesterday, and skyrocketed onto this list immediately since I loved the shirt version (and the dress version looks so sweet with it's print, and has the bonus of looking swingy and twirly as well. I'm also addicted to knit dresses). (Tsubaki Dress by Baily 44)
Dresses by Anthropologie at ShopStyle

Trace the Stars Blouse- this has been on this list since it came out- so for about a week now, lol. All the things I like- silk, stars, blue, Maeve. Just hope the fit lives up to it.
Tops by Anthropologie at ShopStyle

Bootcut Denim by True Religion at ShopStyle
Bootcut Denim by True Religion at ShopStyle

True Religion is almost always on my radar to be truthful but they are hitting it out of the park at the moment with their washes.  These two are at the top of my picks- The Tony slim bootcut in the Clementine wash reminds me of the old non-stretch Bravo wash that I loved but couldn't wear due to the lack of stretch.  The Becky bootcut on the right?  It has the lovely new Chestnut combo stitch Super T stitches that are a fantastic new choice for women in my opinion.  It's about time that TR started offering stitching that looks more like what they offer for men.  And less bling, studs and other outrageous ornamentation.  I like TR because the fabric is heavy but stretchy, they fit good, their washes are good, not because of the frou frou decoration.

Watches by Fossil at ShopStyle

Anyone who has followed my polyvore sets has had to have realized by now that I sort of love Fossil jewelry.  And purses.  I tend to stick to clearance and outlet purchases for them, but this beautiful watch is tempting me so much.  I'm on a kick lately of mixing in "other" metals after years of only wearing silver tones, and this rose gold is just beautiful. 

I think for now that's the tops of my list....  So what's on your list at the moment?  

Friday, October 21, 2011

Anthropologie review time! Many Folds Dress, Sweetheart Shrug tee, Slung Sash Tee, Salix Petal Blouse, Tintype Tunic more

I took a study break trip last Friday that I'm just now getting around to doing something with the photos....  Yeah, school this semester is sort of kicking my butt.  Look for a mini- Banana Republic post sometime soon too- "my mall" (aka Mall of Millenia)'s location is newly renovated and I just "had" to go in and try on some lovelies in the fantastic new location.  It's a seriously beautiful store now.  But, back to Anthropologie!

I would call this trip overall fairly successful- I have one item in this bunch that is now on my birthday month wishlist, one that would be if I had a comfortable and flattering strapless bra because if I did, it would rock and a few other assorted items.  So let's get to it.

Tintype Tunic by Deletta   I mistakenly sized down in this after looking at it on the hanger- I should have stayed with my sometimes usual (usually a large, occasionally a medium, yet again occasionally an x large.  Gotta love consistency in sizing and the fun that having a chest causes), but I got a decent idea of fit and features regardless.  This top is growing on me- definite tunic length, which okay, the name says.  The lace insets are pretty and not too revealing.  I took the side view picture because I was unaware of the side bottom inset lace- and I really liked that one.  The sash is not exactly effective at doing much of anything except..tying.  Flutter sleeves that don't add bulk.  Print with more colors than I realized and very pretty besides.  Soft.  This is actually wishlisted for me now and it was barely on my radar before I saw it in person.  The colors don't register all that well on the net  (their are pinks in the floral print, not just the gray, black and yellow that are more obvious, it's a nice accent).  Of course, it's wishlisted in a large for me, not the medium I'm wearing above.  In case you are wondering, the one I have on above is super tight in my armpits and is not having the flowy-ness that I would expect a tunic to have.  at all. 

Adelie Blouse  Charlotte.  One of those I wanted to like a lot, but I ended up liking a little.  Tried on in my tts.  Fit well in the bust, the waist also was a decent fit.  I love the penguin silhouettes.  The colors were also very nice- the golden yellow and blue weren't too drastic a contrast and weren't too pastel either.  So the bad?  The peter pan collar combined with the flared bottom made it very pregnancy top look- and the flare hit at just the wrong place on my hips.  So sad.  Well, the price point really doesn't help much either but hey, there's always sale for those pieces that work well but are at a too high price point.  Unflattering pieces?  Those aren't helped as much by sale.  I hope this works well for some of you out there because the concept is awesome.

Trifecta Tee  Postmark.  This is another top  that looked very appealing online but the fit just had...issues.  Ruching is one of those things that either works well or is disastrous.  There just seems to be no in between with this feature.  This is not a time when it works well.  It seemed to create more lumps and bumps and hide good curves- and just generally...well, let me put it this way, it made me feel awful enough I felt like a-not taking a picture and/or b- deleting the photo on the spot.  Not a good thing when it's in one of my favorite shades of blue to wear.  Some reviews have noted it runs big in the chest- I didn't have that experience, but hey, tops running big in the chest really aren't usually a problem for me. 

Salix Petal Blouse  By Odille.  This blouse caused something really rather amusing to happen- I had to take about ten pictures before I could get a couple that my camera could almost sort of focus on the print.  My camera wanted to focus on anything but the diagonal floral print.  No idea why but it was both slightly frustrating and bemusing at the same time.  This little shell by Odille has a random drawstring waist (I say random because the string is just that- a string, it barely cinches, a belt would do a better job, or just leave the darn thing free!  It seems a poorly planned attempt to bring the waist in on an otherwise pretty top).  Fluttery sleeves and a cowl neck.  The real draw is the sweet floral print in many tones- reddish cranberry, gold, white on a blue that is somewhere between royal and navy.  It strikes me as a layering piece.  It also strikes me as needing some adjustment- i.e. the drawstring needs to go.  If this goes down low enough on sale, it may very well end up in my closet because I do really like the print, and I happen to love cowlnecks, so I could see the merit of layering this piece, BUT I can't see paying much for a piece I know I'm not going to wear on it's own.  So for me, this is a second cut piece. 

Slung Sash Tee by Baily 44.  You know how I mentioned that one of the items I tried on ended up on my birthday discount wishlist?  This would be that item.  Probably in the black or the also available dark green color (see it on the site- soo pretty!) but this pink was surprisingly pretty too.  Love this top.  Very flattering- double layer in front, extra length which is good for me, might not be good for everyone (I had visions of it being long enough for a dress for those very petite girls, it's that long.)  Bottom hems are  strangely unfinished, but I had a thought that might be so you can make it shorter if you want?  Back is not double layered, which means it does tend to show lumps, bumps, and bra straps (which is why I contorted myself to try to photo the back view).  Form fitting, of course.  Shows cleavage, so not so work appropriate.  Amount of cleavage shown varies from person to person- and not completely dependent on amount of boobage- more dependent on shoulder drop I think.  (like my technical speak? my spell check doesn't :)  )  

I happened to look at new arrivals today and Anthropologie is selling a dress version of this top as well in a cute floral print....  Score another for my wish list methinks.... 

Sweetheart Shrug Tee by Velvet.  This would be the top I mentioned that would be perfect if I could find the perfect strapless bra.  It is sexy but the top guarantees the need for a strapless or convertible bra that can handle the wide top.  The bottom is actually more flattering than the picture tends to show too- I don't know why it didn't translate as well to pictures as it did to mirror.  I loved the top but generally felt a bit fidgety in it because my bra was very illsuited to it.  It is a bit low cut.  Loved the ballet feel to it overall.  The black and soft pink (called beige online I think) it is offered in really carry that ballet theme forward too. 

Final two reviews are dresses- one is one that got a lot of blog attention before it even made it to Anthropologie's website :) 
Fluted Ponte Dress Girls from Savoy.  I was surprised by the heft of the knit of this dress- it's surprisingly heavy.  The color is a mustardy gold.  The attached belt is velvet.  The dress is very stretchy and I could have probably sized down to a medium for a better fit through the waist and top.  However, it is short!  I wouldn't have sized down due to this- a medium may very well have been tunic length on me.  Not a good one for me but I can see this looking fantastic on others....particularly petite girls.  I love what the design is going for, just not for me.

Many Folds Dress  Maeve.  This dress has a rather complex design that ended up reminding me of a kimono robe, which I think is intentional.  Unfortunately, I ended up feeling as covered as if I was wearing a simple silk robe, which I hope was unintentional.  The print amuses me greatly- it's various origami (is that the plural?)  There is a lot of intricate pleating on the sides under the bust (see the closeup) and in the back of the dress which adds  to the kimono feel.  The top is ever so slightly blousy while the waist is super fitted.  And about that waist.... since it is so fitted, I had some concerns about the buttons gaping- there is none of the somewhat standard at this point Anthropologie reinforcements at the buttons- no hook and eyes to keep them from gaping or help if a button pops off.  There is a button, and the sash if you wear it reversed and tied across the waist.  That's it.  One button.  And in my case, one button that gaped.  I wore the sash reversed across the waist to feel more secure.  Can you figure out why I felt like I was in a silk robe?  The dress is unlined.  Without a slip, I felt very exposed in this dress.  So although the nipped in waist is flattering, the print is cute, the kimono styling is intriguing, this dress has some flaws that just left me feeling uncomfortable and realizing if it ever was mine, I would be doing my own alterations to add reinforcements at the waist, and I would HAVE to wear a full slip underneath to feel secure.  Or risk feeling like a potential flasher. 

Until next time!  (which will be Banana Republic mini reviews once I get around to editting that post) :)