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Thursday, September 8, 2011

A rare peek inside an illustrator's process- YOU WILL BE MY FRIEND! by Peter Brown

So my daughter's Open House and Book Fair was tonight at her school and like a good parent I *cough* skipped class and went to that instead.  (Ever tried reasoning with a six year old that you have to miss her event because you have class?  Yeah, I wasn't winning that argument anytime soon, and I could use the night "off" anyway.)  While there, I found and fell in love with a new book for bedtime-


This little charmer, at once funny and visually captivating, had to come home with this second semester graphics tech student...and imagine my delight when I went to the page for this book out of curiousity and found a photo blog of Mr. Peter Brown's process in creating the very images I was fascinated with!!   Now I can be even more fascinated and know just what I'm looking at too.  I'm enthralled and educated, and feeling justified in skipping class.  Perhaps that last part isn't such a good lesson, but oh well, it is what it is :P 

Photo blog of the creative process here below the heading Editorial Reviews. 

Has anyone else ever been "naughty" and had something wonderful result? 

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