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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Lust List - What's currently on my radar

I felt the need/desire/whathaveyou  to put my current eyecatchers on here at the moment.  This may become a semi-regular thing.  

This showed up on Anthropologie's site yesterday, and skyrocketed onto this list immediately since I loved the shirt version (and the dress version looks so sweet with it's print, and has the bonus of looking swingy and twirly as well. I'm also addicted to knit dresses). (Tsubaki Dress by Baily 44)
Dresses by Anthropologie at ShopStyle

Trace the Stars Blouse- this has been on this list since it came out- so for about a week now, lol. All the things I like- silk, stars, blue, Maeve. Just hope the fit lives up to it.
Tops by Anthropologie at ShopStyle

Bootcut Denim by True Religion at ShopStyle
Bootcut Denim by True Religion at ShopStyle

True Religion is almost always on my radar to be truthful but they are hitting it out of the park at the moment with their washes.  These two are at the top of my picks- The Tony slim bootcut in the Clementine wash reminds me of the old non-stretch Bravo wash that I loved but couldn't wear due to the lack of stretch.  The Becky bootcut on the right?  It has the lovely new Chestnut combo stitch Super T stitches that are a fantastic new choice for women in my opinion.  It's about time that TR started offering stitching that looks more like what they offer for men.  And less bling, studs and other outrageous ornamentation.  I like TR because the fabric is heavy but stretchy, they fit good, their washes are good, not because of the frou frou decoration.

Watches by Fossil at ShopStyle

Anyone who has followed my polyvore sets has had to have realized by now that I sort of love Fossil jewelry.  And purses.  I tend to stick to clearance and outlet purchases for them, but this beautiful watch is tempting me so much.  I'm on a kick lately of mixing in "other" metals after years of only wearing silver tones, and this rose gold is just beautiful. 

I think for now that's the tops of my list....  So what's on your list at the moment?  


  1. That watch is gorgeous! I have loved rose gold for quite some time. :)
    The Ever-Present Satchel is still at the top of my wish list. I'm hoping it goes on sale next month when I can also use my B-day discount and gift cards. By the way, when is your B-day (mine is 11-26)?

  2. LOL- Loraine, I think we truly are internet twins. My birthday is exactly one week before yours on the 19th :)

  3. Jamie,
    I absolutely adore all my Maeve Dresses. So why not blouses too? I remember a time when I was insanely crazy over Anthro Tops and Blouses. Over the last 2 years I have lost interest. Since I picked up the Lemon Lift-off blouse, I feel a re-newed interest coming on.

    I'll be keeping close tabs on the Trace the Stars Blouse.

    Thanks for creating a post that sparked my interest in a forgotten Anthro Kingdom. Blouses and Tees. He-he! Now that was corny!

  4. Laura- since I wear a lot of denim, I appreciate their blouses and tees A LOT, so happy to spread the appreciation :) and corniness is always welcome here, helps me feel like I'm just part of the crowd, lol. (I love Maeve dresses too- their recent fit has been spot on for me, always appreciated).