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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Anthropologie fitting room reviews- Noveau Rose Skirt, Thatch Palm Blazer, Sugar Work Skirt, Tie Back Tank, more

Background first- I'm a size 12.  Ish.  I'm pretty tts on top but occasionally have trouble with how things fit across the bust.  My waist is not as well defined as I would like (my goal is to get  back to exercising regularly and do something about that- we'll see how that pans out.)  I'm 5'10.  I'm definitely on the higher end of Anthro's and many other retailers size range, although when I'm out shopping SA's insist on bringing me mid sizes until they see they don't work for me.  (although, if it's oversized, mid sizes work just fine of course!) 

These are from an extended trip to my most local Anthropologie a couple weeks ago.  The items I tried on were a mixture of sale and new items.

Sudden Downpour Top - 
I sized down to a 10 and I really could  have sized down again and been absolutely comfortable and the top would have been more flattering.  I liked it- but didn't $98 like it.   It came in at least 4 nice colors- 6 now show online .  This will NOT be working for smaller people due to the oversize-ness- I was just blown away by how large this one was.  

Efflorescence Top - 

tts- hated hated hated this top.  The draping was bizarre and went right across my tummy.  Super idea there clothing designer.  Actually not sure who this is going to work on, but looking forward to finding out.   Put the picture in after debate, lol.

Tie Back Tank-

I really should have sized down in this least one size.  Maybe two.  Not sure it would have really made a difference in how I felt about it but the SA said it had been pretty popular.  The print was sort of pretty but I felt like a house in it. Looking at the pictures after some time has gone by, yes, I would have most likely liked it a lot better in a smaller size- the print is nice- the fit is the biggest issue.  The feel was good- soft and swishy.  A new print was just added online. 

Tied Down Dress-

tts-to maybe a little big.  Coming late to this party.   of course I wouldn't get a good picture of this! I loved this dress and had to talk myself out of taking it home.  I would have preferred to take home the navy blue version because I have the red Lucerna  dress on it's way to me and the coral-y version of this would be too similar imo.  It felt so soft and floaty and the details on the bottom, pockets and fit were fantastic.
Endless Lengths Dress: 

sale dress- tts- no longer available online- ok, so I'm tall...and I sort of have a weakness for maxi dresses- so I saw this in the sale room and figured, why not?  It almost came home with me because it felt awesome on and was surprisingly flattering.  But I was trying to be good.  Still thinking about it two weeks later- so CS may still get a call from me. 

Apothecary Skirt and Cape tee
I loved this skirt-tts but I sized down due to the elastic waistband (I often do- often helps it lay better and I don't get pantsed as easily by my daughter- the things I have to look out for!) it's a soft brushed cotton that feels silk like, has a long structured elastic waistband that barely looks like it's elastic and the print is awesome.  Online price has been adjusted- when I tried this on it was a whopping $30 cheaper in store than online.

The tee looked awesome online, and it has a couple really cute details like a lower back that was impossible for me to photograph, but overall, it was meh to me.   Maybe in a different color it would have been a different story.  

Sugar Work Skirt

If this skirt ever goes on sale, it will be mine.  I wanted to see how a size down fit me since I have tried it on before in my tts.  Size down fit better.  Elastic waist, I should have known that.

Calm Seas Skirt  - now on sale

I could see this working well on some women.  Not almost worked on me....  It has a really neat waistband that I'm nearly contorting myself to show in the picture.  Mini length.  Front poufed out over my belly.  Overall not a good effect  on me. 

Thatch Palm Blazer and Noveau Rose Skirt

Blazer was surprisingly tts- I'm used to having to size up to be able to button blazers due to fitting across chest and  shoulders.  Maybe a little short.  Could be more flattering through the waist (I say this after getting a Grace fit blazer from Talbots- that gives NICE waist!)  Nice and soft.  My store had a few of the green ones left in a mid range ish sizes, but not in my size. 
Skirt was tts- elastic panel in back, no zipper- made getting into it a little...scary.  I really felt like I was going to rip it to shreds since it didn't have as much give as it should have to pass over my chest or my hips to get into place.  It stayed in place nicely once it was on, of course.  Nice waist detailing in front.  Love the print.  Love the flow of the skirt.  Really, I love the skirt.  Wanted to take it home with me, but I really was afraid that every time I put it on I would be risking tearing the darn thing.  Plus, silk isn't always the best thing here in Florida.  It tends to...wilt in the humidity. 

kk- my book writing for the day is done- I won't have the freedom for a similar trip to Orlando for another month or more, but this was surprisingly fun.  oh! and among the not pictured- the Skylark blouse for decency sake (um, apparently, not enough fabric to the blouse to cover me, rofl), the Bianka blouse which is in the periphery of a few of the skirt pictures but never directly pictured, oops- but it came home with me so will likely be in an OOTD at some point, and a couple other items that simply didn't make enough of an impact for me to slow down enough to snap a picture of.  I was on a roll).  I loved the Bianka blouse enough that if anyone can hook me up with the blue (I think that's what it was termed) motif in a size 10- the art deco rose print- I would be so so so happy.  I love that print and I love the top, so the two combined = pure win. 

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