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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Filed under: If I didn't have homework, I would be doing....

I've been drooling over these sewing patterns for the past week or so- they first came to my attention through ModCloth who carried a couple of the patterns a few weeks ago.

Colette Patterns Shop :

The patterns have a lovely vintage feel, seem to be logically divided into sewing levels, and this is my favorite part, are in sizes that make sense to the modern woman.  I really dislike looking at McCall's and Simplicity patterns and looking at measurements and having the realization that according to them, my perfect size *cough* 12 measurements (meh, I have pictures up on this site, why try to hide it, right?) are actually more like a size 16 according to them.  I can handle it when thinking in terms of UK sizing occasionally, but not when sewing for some reason.  Only time my vanity is threatened.  *shrug*.

Here's a couple of my favorites:
Macaron dress- pockets, charming two tone and scalloped sleeves :)

Ginger- A line skirt with customizable details

Crepe- wrap dress (wraps in back) with two necklines, lovely vintage silhouette, pockets (again :) ) no need to sew buttons or zipper so great starting sewing project.

I'm tempted to invest in them for my term breaks....  although I have a feeling I may be super busy during them already! 

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