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Friday, June 3, 2011

UPDATE on unidentified Anthropologie pieces :) one down, one to go- and added bonus piece o.O

Floreat blouse identified today as I was searching for the name of a Lithe blouse?  ok, so I should have seen this one coming...maybe.  Early Floreat pieces were often called Lithe on the Anthro website and sometimes even labelled such- not sure what the story was with production, actual designers or what, but it's made me super curious on many occasions- and this top does have some of the Lithe type embroidery on it.  So I found it today when I was trying to ID the bonus ebay picture I added at the bottom that I still haven't ID'd (hehe).  It's the Wafuku top.

Skirt still unidentified.  Labelled Odille.  100% cotton.  Runs big.  Made in USA.

And as mentioned- bonus ebay ID help for this little Lithe number (maybe I should be searching for Floreat? hmmm)
100% cotton, Made in China

As always, any help is greatly greatly appreciated.  My google fingers and eyes are tired ;)

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