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Friday, August 26, 2011

Is this good for the brain? (and does it really matter?)

At least three times in the past week I've had a conversation with someone about what I'm currently studying, how many classes I'm taking, and how many computer programs I'm currently learning simultaneously.  (for the record, that would be- a- graphics technology aka graphics arts, b-5, and c-4).  Part of me thrills to the look of shock that I'm tackling that many computer programs at once- the other part of me realizes that three of those programs are Adobe based and therefore have the same skeleton so it's not like I'm learning them from the ground up.  Every once in awhile there's a little voice in my head screaming that I'm going to get it all mixed up and start confusing my Flash with my Dreamweaver with the InDesign and lose the plot altogether.  At least I know that Painter is different enough that I'll never be confusing it with anything else, but darn it, we go and use Illustrator and Photoshop in that class occasionally, so....  So yeah, the question is, is this good for my already taxed mommy brain?  (anyone else find that keeping thoughts organized got forever harder once motherhood entered the picture?  because OMG, the past six years have been an exercise in absentmindedness!)   And really....does it even matter since I'm realistically  having more fun than I've had in a long long long time?  :) 

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