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Friday, August 19, 2011

Review posts to come- but first an outfit I loved :)


So I did one of my marathon sessions at Anthropologie today- and snuck in a bit of time at Banana Republic too because I had to sneak a peek at the Mad Men collection (only a couple of pics from there, but the details in their regular fall line are actually very nice.  I was impressed!)  I have a lot of photos to edit, and at least two dresses that are not on the Anthro website yet- including the new version of the beloved Traced and Twirled dress.....  BUT to tide you over until I get all that editted done, here's the outfit that wowed me other than the dresses (because honestly, both dresses wowed me too). It's the Tsuru blouse and Post Impressionist Skirt- I'm not all that into Maxi skirts normally, but something about this print, the pleats...I wanted to try it- and it played on the color of the Tsuru just right.  I was swishing around the dressing room for some time, lol.
As usual, my camera was being crappy....  so I helped the quality of the photos as best I could, but yeah, they are what they are. 

As promised- the rest of my photos coming soon :) 

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