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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Wonderful Show Your Style Challenge on Effortless Anthropologie!

The lovely Roxy at Effortless Anthropologie is having a brilliant contest involving Polyvore (I can't seem to get rid of my link above, so more attention to the ones that are in Roxy's links or in the text that follows. I'm having formatting issues tonight *blush*  

Effortless Anthropologie now has its very own Polyvore group. Create your fall outfit set and submit it to the group for contest consideration. You may enter as many sets as you want. One caveat: the sets must contain at least one Anthropologie item. At stake: a $250 Anthropologie gift card! Not a member of Polyvore? You can sign up here (it's free).

If Polyvore isn't really your thing, she has another giftcard for $100 also up for grabs- Just by letting her know one item from Anthro you can't live without this Fall.  Easy peasy.  So why aren't you heading over there already?  oh!  I might know why, because I'm a slacker who hasn't put the link in yet!

Here's the link to Effortless Anthropologie:   Effortless Anthropologie  And good luck in the contest! 

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