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Sunday, October 9, 2011

backlog of OOTDs :)

Thanks to our new camera and my husband being nice enough to take some random late night photos, I have some actual outfit of the day photos!  you may notice that each and every one of these photos are in denim....  there is, after all, a reason denim is a part of my blog title....  it is what I love to wear, what my husband loves me to wear, and well, what I like dressing up :)  So, even though I wear skirts and dresses quite often, denim gets photographed quite a bit more.  oops.  

These first two are from early to mid last week- the weather around here finally "cooled off" and I put quotations around that because our version of cooling off means highs around 80.  I'm super stubborn, so that means  breaking out the Fall wear, one way or the other, lol.  I'm wearing my new Onthemoon boots by Ninewest that I scored from with an additional discount :)  the Lush Lattice tee that I also got on sale, Splashdown earrings (tee and earrings from Anthropologie, of course), AE Jeggings that I've had for a year now but they still carry, because they are that good, and my cute little J Crew  giraffe necklace
Polyvore set here:

This next one was the same week, also reveling in the 80 degree and below weather, not yet aware that we were about to get at least two full days of rain (seriously, it's still raining!) I need to work on my non-model posing.  By non-model posing I mean, any sort of posing.  I can't pose at all.  My husband ends up laughing at how awkward I am.  Oh well, it's all in good fun.  In this outfit: AG Angel Bootcut in 14 year wash, Anthropologie Sweater Cuffed Booties by Schuler & Sons (omg I love these boots!), Idylle Crystal Blossom t shirt, AE Women's military hooded sweater, Fossil Berry Strand Necklace- found here (although I found mine in my clearance trolling, so that's also a good place to look), Francesca's Collection bird earrings.  Most items in this outfit are older and sold out online, hence the lack of links.
Polyvore set here:   yes, I had a little bit of attitude that morning, not sure why *blush*

Last one was worn out to dinner with hubby and kiddo.  One of my new favorite outfits actually and I'm sure I'll be wearing it again, most likely completely as is.
I have seriously wanted the Lemon Liftoff blouse since I first tried it on oh so long ago (late July reviews here), so I was super happy this week when it not only went on sale, but also got the additional 25% off treatment.  It got to join old favorites like my Lucky Brand Zoe bootcuts in Ol Hangman wash, the Sweater Cuffed Booties I wore in the earlier outfit (best ebay purchase in a long while it seems :) ) My turquoise Abuzz cardigan by Moth from Anthropologie, and the Sea Drops earrings in gold and turquoise that gave me the idea to put the teal sweater with the gold blouse in the first place. 
Polyvore set here:
(and yes, I changed my mind on jeans, I got lazy and just picked up the pair that already had a belt threaded through the belt loops....  instead of getting the pair that was neatly folded and not pre-belted, lol).

Until next time :)


  1. The Lemon Liftoff looks great on you, especially with the turquoise cardi! I wish I could pull off yellow- love those owls. I never gave the Lush Lattice a second look. It's very cute with jeans. Maybe I can call and track one down tomorrow! Very cute OOTD's. :)

  2. I'm not a huge fan of the monochromatic versions of the Lush Lattices to be honest- not much to draw me in, (apparently I like color too much) but I love the colors of the neutral one- it's one of those you absolutely have to layer, but hey, knowing that going in is one thing, right? Yellow is one of those colors I used to be afraid of- but I've been on a yellow kick lately...once I figured out I *could* wear it, lol. Thanks for the compliments :)