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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Hoping for a birthday discount- Birthday wishlist :)

So my birthday is in November, and knowing what I know about Anthro's birthday discount, I have my fingers crossed that I will be lucky enough to score a discount this year.  An online one would probably be best....  Anyone out there listening?  lol.

Here's my current list of lusts, although the November catalog is coming along soon and may disrupt this list, of course!

(and yes, I played a bit to present my  I enjoyed the panda having its birthday cake)

Marquee Gemmed Heels by Miss L Fire- I've sort of unofficially had yellow gold heels on my wishlist for a while and Miss L Fire's fall line is art deco based- major intersection there....  Major love for these shoes.

Borrowed Cables Sweatshirt.  Weather cooled off to a low of 50 and high of 70 today.  It reminded me I don't like to be cold....and I don't like simply wearing a basic hoodie when I am cold.  This is darn cute and unexpected and (bonus!) cotton so I could actually wear it.

Trace the Stars Blouse- This has most of my favorite things in one blouse- stars, Maeve, blue, silk, and Anthropologie.  yay.  Just hope the fit lives up to the rest.

Slung Sash Tee- most likely in black.  Killer fit, versatile.  Fantastically long.  Priced too high to simply buy at full retail but at sale price or with birthday discount, hmmmmmmm.


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